C&E CAD-Engineering was founded in 1992 and has started with industrial automation.

We are an engineers company for machinery projects.

We produce drawings for third partners, mechanical as well as electrical and PLC programming.

Our activities are specilised in seam welding machines for thin plate.

The welding machines are suited for welding zinc-plate as well as stainless steel, tin-plate and plain sheets, and can be delivered as semi-automatic as well as automatic.

They can be used for a very wide range of products, like cans, filters, waste baskets, air channels and sound absorbers.

The material thickness will be 0.1 up to 0.8 mm. , the welding speed 6 m up to 10 m/min. Depending the application the welding transformer will have a capacity of 25Kva up to 100Kva. Min diameter 60 mm and max. 350 mm. With welding length from 75 mm up to 1 m.

To couple with the semi-automatic welder we can deliver a rollformer with a two rolls system. The advantage of this system will be that the flat side at the end of the rolled material will be reduced to a minimum.

In development we have a hydraulic rollformer with a two roll system specialy for aluminium plate. The underroll will consists of a soft material , the material to roll won’t get any damage.

We have a low-cost welder as well in our program to weld with stitches or continuesly

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